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Shop safety, whether you have a home garage or a full fledged shop, is vitally important to both you and the vehicles you are working on inside the shop. No one wants to go to your funeral because you didn't follow a few simple rules to stay safe.

PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE to see how a simple cleaning solvent can become deadly.

Here are a few basic safety tips:

  • Whenever cutting, grinding or using any power tools, wear leather gloves, long sleeves (even in summer) and safety glasses or a face shield.
  • Never wear shorts in the shop. I can show you burn scars on my legs if you want to know why (and they happened through long pants, it would have been much worse if I had on shorts).
  • Avoid loose fitting clothing, jewelry that hangs or even rings that can get caught in anything. I had my high school ring get caught in  a spinning motor and it nearly ripped my finger off. There were more......
  • Always wears a dark shield or welding glasses when welding. Also, avoid breathing in welding fumes by wearing a mask. If you do get welder's flash (the feeling of sand in your eyes the next morning is a clue) slice a white potato and put the slices over your eyes.
  • Be sure to know all of the dangers of the chemicals with which you work. Read this article by a professional welder who almost died when he did not know the chemical he used was toxic when heated by welding.

I will be happy to add any safety tips (with full credit) that anyone sends me.

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