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Paint Care - Customs by Ripper


Taking Care of Your Fresh Paint

For parts I ship:

  • When your part arrives, it may have some minor shipping marks. Minor shipping marks consists of rub marks, marks from bubble wrap, very minor scratches, etc... This is nothing to panic about. A few minutes with a quality polish and a soft, clean cloth will rectify the situation.
  • To clean rub marks, scuffs, minor scratches, etc..., we recommend 3M final glaze, machine glaze or hand glaze, or any equivalent glaze or polish that contains NO SILICONE OR WAX. You wipe it on with a soft cloth or a sponge and buff it with a clean, dry, soft cloth like a piece of 100% cotton tee shirt, sweatshirt or similar. If that fails to solve the problem, Contact Me immediately.
  • You may also experience slight dulling of the finish. This sometimes happens when the part is shipped too quickly, not giving the clear enough time to fully cure (it's also possible that we may have missed a spot while polishing. Hey, it happens....). If that happens, you can follow the same procedures as above, but use white polishing compound first, then final glaze or polish afterwards. If you still are not satisfied with the results, Contact Me immediately.
  • USE NO WAX OR SILICONE POLISH for 30 days minimum. Use only clearcoat-safe polish. These include, but are not limited to 3M Final Glaze, 3M Machine Glaze, 3M Hand Glaze, 3M Microfinishing Polish, etc.... If you are unsure, just go to any local bodyshop supply and ask what they sell to the shops for polishing fresh paint.
  • If your part arrives damaged, not just with some minor rub marks as noted above, notify us immediately and make sure you save all shipping materials. The shipping company will not pay a claim without seeing the box and shipping materials first. We ship the safest way possible, but nothing is a given when it comes to handing your parts off to someone else. Your parts are always insured for the full value of the work.

If you have any question, comments, problems, etc.... Contact Me Immediately.

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Serving NYC/LI since 1978