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This page used to have lots of useful information about NY State DMV and what you need to do to comply when building your own motorcycle, but in their infinite wisdom, NY State DMV decided that this page was giving out too much good information. I guess the state really wants people to get screwed, so helping them avoid that fate put this website in danger of being shut down. In the place of all the valuable information that used to be here, we instead now have only the following link to give you:
Here is the link to DMV in NY regarding salvage vehicles.
That is the closest link I could find. They used to have a page about home built vehicles, but I guess they want you to struggle finding that information. Thanks DMV, for nothing.
For info from the AMA - CLICK HERE
This will tell you what safety equipment needs to be on your motorcycle for the year of manufacture. This link is an AMA state by state list of the latest known DMV information. I am no longer allowed to display that information, only a link to it.

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