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Time and again I see the same problems or close to it when doing rebuilds. Here's just a few...

Let's talk about leaks in the sprocket shaft area. Well, this one I started on today is true to form. The seal is installed flipped here, the wrong way. Some may say nope or that's for belt drive use... It don't matter, wet or dry, closed chain or open belt, the spring side of the seal needs to face out. The engine runs with a vacuum in the crank case. Also note the oil streaks from the stator plug nylon holder screw holes. Sealer like in the pic works well to cure that...
Engine Leak

Then on the flip side of this engine the cam lobe was ever so slightly thumping the case. The cam was an Andrews "A" grind in this late shovel...
Shovelhead Cam Hitting

Zippers makes a real nifty tool that cuts the case back for clearance or a die grinder will work in a pinch. Just make sure to check for this stuff with any cam, even stock. While degreeing the breather timing before tear down, you guys do check it, right?
Degreeing Engine Timing
(This one opens a bit late btw).

I got tired of looking around the cam. Opening timing is easy to see on top but closing timing at the bottom is not. The cam is in the way and it's hard (for me anyway) to see. I came up with a simple (cheap) fix. I took a used cam gear (free) and made a short hub (also free) with used rod rollers inside (free again Dan R Smiling....) and found a hunk of scrap (yep, you guessed it) that would put the gear in place and hold it there without the cam blocking my view...
Dan's Gear Thingamajiggie (highly technical term)

Did I say free home made tools? if you build engines you need to make one.... or am I the last to learn this trick? Sorry the inside pix didn't turn out, maybe next time. It's also important to check the rods (these are imports) to make sure they have bushings reamed in line. Any oops here and you can kiss pistons and more good by. These are off just a bit, low on the cam side and didn't fit real well...
Rods are Tweaked

Then there is this mess that just makes me want to either laugh or kill...
Gasket Goo

If you guys must use that RTV gasket goo, use it on the shower stall or the dog house or to glue a golf ball in the boss's tail pipe (hehehe) or any place you can dream up. Never use it in bike engines...

The way I remember to never use it is this extra simple way. Do this with some real "horse power" behind it and THEN think about it every time ya grab for that nasty, smelly, engine eating goo...
Works for me every time Dan Smiling Again......

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