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July Monthly Specials

Cannot be combined, sorry.

Job must be booked and in the shop before the end of July. These expire on the 1st of August.

  • Special paint job price (car or pickup/SUV, vans and larger trucks are extra) $3500.00*
  • Special motorcycle paint job price (tank + fenders, extra parts are extra $$$) $1500.00*
  • FREE!! Custom mural on one panel with any work over $1500.00
  • FREE!! vinyl decal, Queenz Kustomz, approx. 1" high with any discounted paint job*.
  • FREE!!! Vinyl decal (with a saying of your choice) for front or rear window. Up to 6" tall with any bodywork or paint repair (almost any color).

*Paint jobs are basecoat/clearcoat urethane. Complete discounted paint jobs include minor dent, ding, scratch repair at no extra charge. Any major dents would be additional. Any broken moldings, trim or emblems would be additional to replace. These prices are for the same color repaint (except motorcycles, those can be any color). Paint jobs at discounted price do not include stripping the vehicle to metal (or fiberglass). If your vehicle has current paint issues, we will work with you on resolving them before we go forward. This also reduces the warranty to 1 year (if we strip the vehicle, the warranty is lifetime). The FREE decal is part of the discount. It must stay on the vehicle for at least 1 year or the discounted price will be adjusted to the normal price. Color change $1000.00 extra. Custom colors (candy apple, pearl, color-shifting paint) are additional

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