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Shop Policy - Customs by Ripper


The following applies to ALL vehicles:

  • A 50% deposit is required on all work before any work will begin. There are no exceptions.
  • An estimate is just that, an estimate. Estimates are not guaranteed. Sometimes, hidden damage is found upon disassembly or after work has begun. There could be any number of reasons for additional cost once the job has been started. We will be fair and up front about any additional charges required. We will not proceed until an adjusted price is agreed upon. This may or may not affect your deposit, but if it does, more funds may be required before any further work can be done on your vehicle.
  • An estimated time of completion cannot be considered a guarantee that your vehicle will be done at that time. Many things can happen during the course of a project and as such, no predetermined time can be adhered to, regardless of anything written or otherwise. Skilled work takes time. Sometimes it takes more than was estimated. We will do our best to stay within the estimated time, but cannot be held to a completion date under any circumstances.
  • Work will continue until the amount of deposit is reached, at which time additional funds will be required before any additional work will proceed. There are no exceptions.
  • If no additional funds are produced, your vehicle will not be worked on and you will accrue storage charges until such time as additional funds can be given. There are no exceptions.
  • If at any time you choose to completely stop work, your deposit will be weighed against work already done and you may or may not be required to add additional funds to cover the work already done. There are absolutely no refunds. There are absolutely no exceptions.
  • If you choose not to pay for work that is already done, your vehicle will be held, by law, until it can be sold at auction for a fair price. You will be charged for storage until such time as the auction is completed. You may be required to pay additional funds if the sale of your vehicle does not cover the amount owed. There are no exceptions, ever. You may, however, pay any funds required to end the auction process at any time, except once the auction itself has started. You will be notified of any auction proceedings in advance.
  • No vehicle will be released to the customer until all work is paid in full in CASH ONLY. Checks and/or credit cards are NOT accepted for final payment. There are no exceptions. (Checks are never accepted anyway).
  • Any discrepancies, problems or any other issues must be noted prior to release of vehicle. Once you accept the vehicle, you have approved of the work that was done. Any problems will be resolved before release your vehicle, but you cannot, at some later date, claim any defective work if you removed the vehicle from the facility. There is no way of knowing what was done to your vehicle after it left the shop. All work is covered by warranty. Any warranty work will proceed only after all previous work is paid in full and it has been determined that the damage was a result of defective parts or materials, or any work done by the shop, not by misuse, abuse or road wear. Defective parts may or may not be covered by the manufacturer. If not, the customer is responsible for payment to replace said parts. Labor to replace damaged or defective parts is not covered under any warranty agreement. The shop is not responsible for road damage, abuse, misuse or anything other than defects in materials and workmanship. If your damage is found to be due to any of the non-covered causes noted, you will be required to pay for any work to repair said damage. There are no exceptions.
  • SPECIAL NOTICE - There is absolutely NO WARRANTY of any kind given on parts supplied by the vehicle owner, or any used parts purchased by the shop (most salvage yards will make good on a bad used part, but once again, labor to re-install a replacement is not covered).
  • ALSO NOTE - Customizing and/or body repair work on vehicles with hydraulic or air suspensions will not be covered for any reason at any time. This especially applies to any door modifications, such as suicide doors, Lambo doors, etc. There are no exceptions. Custom suspensions put much more stress on the vehicle than normal ones do. There was one customer who was told about this and right in front of the shop, he was bouncing his car with the brand new suicide doors wide open. Naturally, the doors failed. He tried to say is was defective work. He was wrong.
  • Storage charges will begin to accrue 24 hours after notification of completion of work or customer's refusal to pay for work already done. There are no exceptions.
  • Storage charges are:
    • $25.00 per day (or part) for outside storage.
    • $200.00 per day (or part) for inside storage.
  • The shop cannot and will not be held responsible for any personal items inside your vehicle. Please remove anything you don't wish to see lost, as anything can happen, especially if your car is not inside the shop at all times (and even if it is, as there is almost constant public traffic in the shop).

I apologize if any of the above seems harsh, but you would not believe what people will try to pull if they can get away with it.

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Serving NYC/LI since 1978