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Guitars - Dean Vendetta

This guitar was purchased on eBay as unplayable. The guitar's neck was badly warped and no sound was coming out of one of the pickups. I had a friend work on the neck and I took to the wiring. I replaced both pickups with a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge position and a Bill Lawrence Dimebag pickup in the neck position (this pickup has a very warm, deep tone). I also added a second volume pot and replaced the pickup switch with one from a Gibson Les Paul. I added a metal cased capacitor for the tone cotrol and it really brings out the warm, deep tones of both pickups. The latest work was also done by my friend, Roger. He found that the black powder-coated bridge was not getting a solid ground, so the guitar constantly buzzed. He swapped a chrome bridge, which I supplied for him and the buzzing went away. I have since taken over doing all work myself as I was not well at the time and truly appreciate all of Roger's help.
Custom Rebuilt Dean Vendetta Custom Rebuilt Dean Vendetta

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