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Custom Paint - Cars - 1982 Regal - Customs by Ripper


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Customized 1982 Buick Regal Customized 1982 Buick Regal Customized 1982 Buick Regal Customized 1982 Buick Regal

Here's a list of everything I did to this car:

  • This car needed an enormous amount of bodywork. It was a previous train wreck, that was "fixed" before I got it in for a "simple paint job".
  • The entire nose was previously replaced, along with the driver's side door and door post plus the windshield pillar. (It was not done correctly). I spent many hours on this part of the job alone, trying to correct it.
  • The vinyl top was removed, resulting in another large amount of repair work (GM was notorious for not finishing panels to exact specs when a vinyl top would cover them up anyway, this made life a little hard for me and kept my mig welder and shrinking hammer busy for a long time.) Both quarter windows and all the trim around the rear window needed to be modified and/or replaced to meet non-vinyl roof panels. This vinyl top removal was not an easy "peel and clean the glue off" operation.
  • All locks were shaved and converted to remote operation. Door handles were retained.
  • The front header panel and the rear Grand National spoiler were molded to the body with lots of high strength epoxy and a small amount of body filler. The rear spoiler was an aftermarket piece that was not all that well made and required extensive shaping and contouring to come even close to fitting on the car. Check out the shot of the back and you will see that there is a 1/4 inch gap all the way from the tip of the spoiler to the rear window, this took an amazing amount of work. Even GM was not this close to specs when this car was built. Lots of time was spent to stretch and twist this car back into shape.
  • The aftermarket hood was another story all its own. These are known for poor fitment and alignment. This one was no exception. As you can see by the pictures, it fits like a glove now.
  • The stock Buick Regal hood emblem was removed and filled, the grille was modified to look like a T-Type grille (the T-Type was the previous version of the Grand National body style. The car still looked like a regular Regal, but there were some style options that only came on the T-Type).
  • The Grand National side skirts and the GNX vents were also molded and epoxied to the car, rather than the double sided tape that was suggested by the manufacturer. I didn't want them falling off in a week, plus they look better this way too.
  • The paint is the original color with some extra pearl added. The graphics are simple yet command lots of attention wherever this car goes. Unfortunately, I got a call from the owner awhile back, telling me he once again totaled this car and it is no longer in one piece.

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