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1969 AMX with Pearl White painted racing stripes!!

Here's the final result:

The car was owned by Mean Street in Island Park. The left and right pictures were taken at the Nassau Coliseum's Annual Long Island Car Show in 1993, where it won a trophy for "Best AMX".

Custom Painted 1969 AMX Custom Painted 1969 AMX Custom Painted 1969 AMX

Here is how it started:

It was pretty bad... It had hit a tree at 85 MPH. It spun out and hit the rear of the car. It required much finesse work after the chassis shop got done pulling the rear panel out. They did a fairly nice job pulling it, but they weren't good with finishing work, which is where I came in. I did this car around 1992. I saw it in 2008. It still looked great.

Custom Painted 1969 AMX Custom Painted 1969 AMX Custom Painted 1969 AMX

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