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I did quite a few of these at the shop back when they were popular.

This one is an S-10 pickup. I used the AIM industries convertible kit which was basically some plastic caps and a template to show where they went.

Here's the truck as it rolled in:
S-10 Convertible S-10 Convertible

Here, I welded the top of the doors to the roof. This was not mentioned in the "instructions" but I figured it out after the first time I followed the "instructions". After that, the instructions went straight in the garbage. The welds were finished up before the roof was cut, making the job much easier than the way they suggested doing it, which was silicone and screws. A rear cab support was welded in before I cut the roof off. Again, the instructions called for bolts only on the ends of this support. I also welded the brace to the cab between every rib in the sheet metal on the back:
S-10 Convertible S-10 Convertible S-10 Convertible

The plastic caps were mounted on with epoxy and duct-taped for 24 hours while the epoxy cured. The top was installed during this period to make sure the parts aligned when dry. Then, the bodywork was completed.
S-10 Convertible

I also welded and molded in the metal rear spoiler and filled and reversed the tailgate handle to the inside of the bed. Then the parts were all primed, sanded, painted etc..... In the first picture below, you can see the almost finished roof with the door posts already welded in, smoothed and put in primer. The window channels still needed to be trimmed. I did this on the truck for obvious reasons.
S-10 Convertible S-10 Convertible

This truck was painted Corvette White. I do not have any finished pictures of this truck. It was done a long time ago and the owner hasn't been heard from in that entire time.

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