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Custom Metal Work - 1994 Caddy with DTS 3rd Brake Light Conversion - Queenz Kustomz


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These kits are for sale

Here's the kit:

Caddy DTS 3rd Brake Light Kit
The kit no longer includes the light itself or the wiring. Both can be bought on eBay or from any Cadillac dealer.
Click on "Installation Instructions" to see the PDF instruction manual.
Manual and kit are provided by G-Fam Customs
For ordering, please call 347-486-4355, thanks.

Here is the finished install:

Caddy DTS 3rd Brake Light Kit

Caddy DTS 3rd Brake Light Kit

Here is the install in progress:

Here are pictures taken during the installation using basic hand tools. This installation was done to show the average home builder they can do this. The only specialized tool used was a mig welder. You can use a home hobbyist mig welder with nearly the same results. The key is to work in stages and not warp the sheet metal. Of course, if you don't feel up to it, we will gladly install it for you.
DTS Taillight Conversion DTS Taillight Conversion DTS Taillight Conversion DTS Taillight Conversion

DTS Taillight Conversion DTS Taillight Conversion DTS Taillight Conversion DTS Taillight Conversion

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