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This car was getting a body swap to a 2011 Camaro chassis. Unfortunately, it never got finished and never will. There was lots planned for this car, but plans don't matter when there's no cooperation or support. This was not a customer's car, it belonged to the owner of the building. This and another car (a 1960 Lincoln) were involved in this deal. There were also too many people involved in this deal and as usual, that caused it to fall apart. I have no animosity towards the car owner. In fact, if he wanted to complete this car, all he'd have to do is ask. I would deal with him and only him.

I have lots more pictures of this car, but why bother? I would show all the work involved in making the body fit the other chassis, but to be honest, I will do it again on a car that will get finished.
1968 Camaro 1968 Camaro 1968 Camaro 1968 Camaro

1968 Camaro 1968 Camaro 1968 Camaro

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