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Custom Metal Work - 1965 Cutlass - Customs by Ripper


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This is one of those jobs that just got completely out of hand. It is a shame I never got to finish this car, but to be honest, it just became too much of a problem. It was being done for a magazine that has since gone out of business. In fact, the owner of the car was fired from the magazine in the middle of this project.

Anyway, here is the work that was done. Up first is an artist's rendering of how the car would have looked, had it been completed.

1965 Cutlass

This is how the car came in:

1965 Cutlass 1965 Cutlass

This is before most of the work:

1965 Cutlass

Some of the metal work:

1965 Cutlass 1965 Cutlass 1965 Cutlass 1965 Cutlass

Work consisted of a 5 1/2" top chop. Power sunroof from a 99 BMW. Tilt nose made from the stock nose, with a 6" tall cowl induction scoop, fenders and hood welded together and framed out body extensions. The body was extended completely around the whole car. The only seams were the hood, doors and the trunk. All other body seams were welded shut. All locks and handles were shaved, reverse Lambo doors were planned, but never completed. The trunk was made to open backwards (plans included a 42" LCD TV in the outside of the trunk). Headlights were from a 2007 Suburban, turned sideways. Taillights were from a 1969 Mustang. The top of the quarter panels had the body lines reversed, which you can see most clearly in the last picture. Air vents were included for the massive rear wheels and tires. There was much more planned for this car, but as I said above, it just wasn't meant to be.

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