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Customs by Ripper
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Lambo Doors on a 1997 Tahoe - Customs by Ripper


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1997 Tahoe

Lambo Doors:

1997 Tahoe Lambo Doors 1997 Tahoe Lambo Doors 1997 Tahoe Lambo Doors 1997 Tahoe Lambo Doors

This truck had owner-supplied Lambo hinges installed. It is the first and last time I will ever do that. These hinges were of poor design and quality. There is no adjustment once they are installed. Anyone who drives a truck of this type knows that the door hinges are the weakest point, since the doors are very heavy. I have to figure out how to adjust these doors (and replace the shocks that keep breaking or popping off due to poor design of the shock mounts) without cutting off the hinges and starting over from scratch.

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