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There are many sections to this site showing our many years of work serving Queens and Long Island with the best custom paint, arbrush work and radical customizing of any vehicle (or anything else). Feel free to surf away!!!!

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Welcome to Queenz Kustomz

Your one stop shop for Long Island's best custom paint, airbrushed murals and graphics, Lambo, suicide and gull wing doors, radical customizing, plasti-dip, liquid wrap and more.

Some work pictures:

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Also Note: I have tried to make the site more cellphone and tablet friendly. Please let me know if you visit the site on a mobile device and you have issues with any particular page. Your input is welcomed and appreciated.
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Custom Bodywork:
Includes Lambo, suicide, gull wing doors, flip hoods, split hoods, power release of doors-hoods-trunklids, top chops, complete body redesign
wide body "kits" (we do most of these without a kit), Frenched lights-antennas, etc...
2003 Matrix with 4 Lambos, flip hood and much more... 1984 Caddy with Suicide doors

Custom Paint Work:
Includes factory colors, candy-pearl-color shifting paints, airbrushed graphics and murals, pinstriping and more.
Murals by Ripper Custom Murals by Ripper Custom Paint by Ripper


If you came here via a link to another site, such as www.longislandcustoms.com www.nsacustoms.com or www.queenscustoms.com, I have several domains that point to this website. Some are just gateways, some are websites that I used to maintain for others, but they either stopped paying or they went out of business, or both. Rather than shut down the domains, since I own them, I just point them here. They don't really bring me that much in the way of hits, or business, but I guess it's better than getting some off-shore link to porn or something else that happens when you abandon a domain name.

V-TWIN MANUFACTURING BOYCOTT - Click the image to read all about it
Click the image to read all about it. I have personal friends who were ripped off by Tiawan Ted at V-Twin by stealing their designs and making cheap Chinese copies..

Queenz Kustomz

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