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Customers - Customs by Ripper


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Frank G - Honda Goldwing

April 7th, 2012 - OH WOW, I'm loving it! It looks great! Really looking forward to it.

I need to get this guy's name

Feb, 2012 - Let me tell you, no one I know has seen such beautiful art work done on Harley tins like yours. I did buy them with some other Harley parts in San Diego. The guy said he got them from a sailor who was stationed in Hawaii. They have never been on a bike, just like you said. I still have the set here in Southern California, 60 miles south of LA.

Phyllis Y - 2003 Honda VTX:

Apr, 2011 - AWESOME!!!! Beautiful job Ripper! I get comps everywhere I go on the paint job.

Chuck Junot - 2005 SSR:

Sept, 2009 - I just wanted to say that thanks for everything and making it possible to achieve first place in that car show. I know that it was a pain in the Ass but at least we got something out of it.

Reggie Roc - 2003 Corolla:

May, 2008 - Hey Ripper, how are you? Thanks to you my car is the talk of the town, thanks. I would like to do more work with you guys, plus the guys in my team want work done to their cars and trucks.

John Durante - 25 Foot Larson

May, 2006 - Tony, how is it going?
I have been meaning to send you some pics, sorry I took so long.
I didn't do the stereo yet, I'll probably wait till the winter.
I want you to know that I get compliments every where I go.
They love the flag, thanks again!!!! John D.

Jim Smith - LZ Loon - 2001 Sportster:

May, 2006 - The bike has a custom seat, 24" apes, and re-worked motor, stretched and raked front end, and the most comments and pics taken of it are of the custom paint job. It is a show stopper........
(Note - It has also been repainted and modified. Click on either picture to see the updates.)

Monica Exum SSgt AFFSA/CCQ - Helmet

May, 2006 - It is nice, I really am happy with it. Yes, I love it. Thanks again. I am sure my friends will be trying to get in touch with you after they see it. I told them you were very good.

Tom (Beezer) - BSA Tank

June, 2002 - I couldn't be more pleased with the professional job. I like the way you outlined the lettering with a border. The little "veins" you made in there were a surprise and it would look even better with more of it. Overall it's beautiful. Thank you very much. Tom A.

William - Shovelhead Chopper

May, 2002 - Everywhere I go this bike gets more attention than any other bike there!!
Thanks bro. William.

Bernie's FLT

May, 2001 - In march of 2000 I purchased my first Harley a raggedy, malcontent, abused 82 FLT. It was leaking out of just about every orifice, the air cleaner was an (Hospital) egg-crate mattress zip tied at the bottom running Sportster 2 1/4" slip-ons mounted to the frame with hose clamps and I can go on and on. Over the next year and a half slow progressions were made to attempt to restore this bike to it's rightful former glory. Anyone who has shopped for Shovelhead FLT parts knows the term "DISCONTINUED." So while searching the vast Internet for salvage yards, parts warehouses, auction sites and the like I came across this website from this guy who does paint jobs and metal work and calls himself "RIPPER." So I decided to see what this is all about. During my tour of his site and asking around I discovered this guy has a solid reputation as a painter and artist. I would like to stress the artist part. Now anyone can get a can of spray paint and some masking tape and throw some color on a piece of metal. I know I've tried it. Tony, much like a skilled surgeon, follows procedures by the book and improvises as well to ensure the best outcome for the work being done as well as the patient/customers needs. In my case we set on a deal for him to paint my plastic side covers, oil tank, front and rear fender and my gas tank. At first it was only to be a single color (1993 FORD Metallic Dark Blue). So I shipped out my parts and patiently waited for my turn to come for Ripper to work his magic on my stuff. Down the road I thought the gas tank should say something rather than the typical "HARLEY-DAVIDSON" or "HARLEY" it should reflect my personality and the bike as well. So I had a brain fart one day and decided on "LOW BUDGET." PERFECT !! Since a majority of the parts I purchased were used or second/third hand. The next day I thought well how about adding on some "cents" rather than dollar bill symbols. Tony got back to me and offered up his opinion. So he put his 2 cents worth in. Actually it came to about 25 cents on each side of the tank. When I bought the bike I made a deal with my wife she can pick out the color of the parts when they get repainted as long as it isn't something goofy (being politically correct). In conclusion I think for someone to write this long of a letter has got to be good.
Thanks, Bernie in Jersey.

Mike F
Harley from Hell!! - 2005 FTF

May, 2000 - I want to tell you about a friend that I have never met in person: Just about a year ago I was selling a 4 speed with a kicker on the internet. This dude called Ripper contacts me about it. I write him back, said thanks but I sold it. Mr. Ripper dude writes back says thanks for letting me know. Most folks would just leave me hanging. By the way he says, I got my own web site if ya wanna check out some cool artwork. So, I check it out and I'm hooked on first glimpse. This guy is gifted. So, I write em back and give him his due praise and worship and then tell him, yadda yadda yadda, but mine is gonna be flat black. Poor people like me go with flat black. He says send me a pic of that project. I do. He writes back and says there ain't no way that thing is gonna be flat black. Send me the parts and we'll work out the details later. You might have some parts I need. We'll swap. 2 months later he's got some parts with about a hundred bucks deposit. Now, keep in mind I don't know the dude and by now he knows that in the past 10 years I been dried out, divorced, bankrupted, busted, lost everything in a fire, and what ever else...wa wa wa. At Christmas time the dude tells me to add the 2 checks I sent for payment back into my checking account. He says that he had some family wa wa was himself and knows the deal. Then he says take the money, and buy the kids something extra. This is from a guy I've yet to meet in person who already made me an offer that my inner child thought was all a cruel joke. So, call it karma, but Tony (Ripper) emails me kinda thanking me. What da f*** for? I ask. Cause ever since he did me this "gift of a lifetime" thingy he says business and life has been getting better. Now, shoot ahead to spring. I'm still sending parts to be painted and little baby token payments. I write em. Hey Tony, how much more do I owe you. I haven't been keeping track. He writes back and says tell ya what, I ain't been keeping track either. Don't send any more money. I do anyway and catch s*** for it. I still send token payments with other parts and he still paints the s*** up. My flat black chopper is turning into some kind of show queen I thought Id never see the likes of. Now for the good part, I tell em I'm gonna be a little scared to scratch this baby. He gives me hell, says it only paint and the bike is made for riding not setting on a piano......GOD BLESS AMERICA. Well, cause I responded to an email about a tranny I already sold, I have something more than a pretty looking scooter. I found out there is still a brotherhood that the old grey beards talk about every now and again. When a stranger says "I know where you're coming from" and then puts one of his best efforts ever on a scoot that ain't his, and its likely that he will never see the value of his labor in US dollars, he deserves a shameless plug like this. Mike F.

Arnon S

Dec, 1999

Click on the pic to see it full size.

Hey, I get customers from way over in CA.
Actually, he was my customer here in NYC, then he moved to the left coast later on.
I semi-restored and painted an old BMW 320i for him.
I wonder if he still has that car.....
I painted it for him in 1986, he sent me this card in 1999.

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