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The latest finished work will b shown here

What I did on my summer vacation… Actually, Saturday June 30th

Caddy Taillights
Caddy Taillights
I installed my 1991 Caddy taillights into the van. This was after making room in the shop to get the van inside as it was nearly 100 degrees in the shade Saturday, and there’s no shade at the shop unless you’re inside. The donor shell for the 68 Camaro drivetrain/chassis swap came on Friday and needed to be put into a hole, so…… That was my entire morning. I didn’t start on the taillights until mid-afternoon. I was determined, however, to get them done (at least welded in, the bodywork will have to wait, hopefully it doesn’t rain until I get to that).

Anyway, the taillights are in, wired up with the 69 Shelby sequential signal module, and working…
Pictures can be seen here: Caddy Taillights

More work on the van

I did some bodywork on the van yesterday. I had some old damage on the right side and a woman who was texting her daughter while driving hit me in the left side. She did quite a bit of damage, mostly superficial, except she broke 4 of the 5 lugs on the back wheel (I did not notice that until after I drove away and the wheel came off a few miles down the road).

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Metal Work 1991 Chevy Van