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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??

In other words, what the fuck?

What will it take for these morons to realize we are at war on our own streets? Terrorist attacks by admitted terrorists, pledging their allegiance to ISIS or what ever other idiotic group, are happening more and more, yet our supposed leaders are saying it has nothing to do with radical islam. Really? Who are you trying to convince?

These people, in some cases, clearly state they are acting on behalf of one of these moronic groups, their friends and even family say they recently either converted to islam or were recently radicalized, yet our idiot president or the more idiotic mayor of Philidelphia says they are not related. This bullshit has to stop. Whose side are our leaders on? It’s not hard to see, it isn’t ours.

It is truly sad to see how far our leaders have turned away from our values and traditions. We need real leaders, people who will change our country back to the place it used to be. This needs to happen soon, before it is too late. We can’t wait for the next election, it may be too late by then. Impeachment is not the answer. removal from office and imprisonment for treason is the only answer at this point.

Unfortunately, no one in DC has the balls to do it.

New Year, same old same old……

Just posting to update that there is nothing to update. I took a break from things for the holidays. Now that they are over, it’s back to getting nowhere in as productive a manner as I can. I am trying to be more positive, which is why this post is so damn positive. See? Well, let me get back to my fruitless searching….. Have a great day.


I have had many people take advantage of me over the years. I honestly put too much faith in people and it has bitten me in the ass too many times. From friends who would “pay me next week” for work they needed right away, only to never be heard from again, to employees who stole from me, to so-called partners who did worse. Each and every one of these people knows who they are. If they don’t, they are lying to themselves.

I do forgive them, because it is me who let them in to my life and/or my business, in some cases knowing fully that they shouldn’t be trusted, only to have them screw me. Each time, I swore it would never happen again.

I guess I am just a glutton for punishment, or at least, I used to be. I recently had an opportunity to merge with a shop all the way up in Glen Cove. In the old days, I would have jumped at the offer. Big shop, lots of space…. After doing some research (I still have at least some contacts in the autobody industry), I found out the owner was in deep shit and was looking for a quick score to settle up some of his debts. I would have, once again, been left holding the bag after he took my money to “buy in” and ran. This has happened to me in the past and it is just one reason I shy away from getting involved in the day to day of any body shop.

I also got an email about purchasing a body shop for $1.9 million. If I had that kind of money, I wouldn’t be looking to get into a shop, I’d be looking to retire.

Bottom line, I am still looking for space to work. I don’t want to buy your building, your business or your new house on the bay. I just want to rent some space in your body shop. I want nothing to do with your day to day operations. I just want a small part of the building where I can do my thing.

My take on the war on Christmas

First of all, those that know me, know I am not religious in the least. This really has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with traditions. This country was indeed founded by Christians and it was founded with Christian traditions, such as Christmas.

When I was growing up, Christmas was a big deal (still is). I had some Jewish friends and distant cousins. Their holiday of the time, Hanukkah (spelled several different ways that I know of) was not a big deal. They received eight small gifts, one for each day of their holiday. They joked that one day, they’d get one sock and the next, they’d get the other sock. there were no decorations like our Christmas tree.

Then, suddenly, some Jewish retail business owners decided that they were being left out. Suddenly, Hanukkah was as big as Christmas, they had a Hanukkah bush (a Christmas tree with blue lights) and they went from 8 little gifts to increasingly large gifts from day one to day eight. Jewish stores started advertising X-Mas sales (so they didn’t have to mention Christmas) and the first battle to the dismantling of Christmas was begun.

Christmas survived this attempt, and even thrived regardless of it. Later battles were more subversive. There was one year that the US Post Office even got involved in the war. There were Ramadan stamps, Hanukkah stamps and “Holiday” stamps, yet no mention of Christmas, even though the stamps were of Mary holding Jesus.

There was a Disney cartoon one year, all about Christmas, yet the entire hour plus went by without Christmas EVER being said. It was “the Holiday”, yet it starred Santa Claus, there was a Christmas tree, decorations all red and green, elves, candy canes, etc… (no nativity scene or mention of Jesus, however).

Then, we elected a muslim to the white house. Now, malls are replacing Christmas decorations with melting glaciers, coffee houses who used to have special Christmas themed displays and cups are now bland and their cups are just red, Target has a commercial where it’s time to light “THE TREE”, not the Christmas Tree, although the entire commercial has a Christmas theme, and they play Christmas music, it’s “the Holiday” yet again.

Why is it, we can call every other holiday by its name, yet we cannot mention Christmas without offending people?

It’s a calculated effort. When you strip a society of its traditions, it makes it easier to conquer said society. We have half of our own people blindly giving up their traditions, claiming them to be trivial. This is the beginning of the end. I for one, am saddened that our own citizens are so blind to what is happening.

Medical update

For those that don’t know, I have been on the kidney transplant list here in NY for the past 5 years, I have been trying all kinds of things to avoid needing a transplant. One of those things is stem cell research which claims it regenerates dead kidney tissue. Unfortunately, this treatment is experimental, so it is not covered by insurance. As I am currently not working full time because of dialysis, which is almost as bad as the kidney failure; and kidney failure, which robs the patient (me) of energy and strength, I am not currently able to afford this life saving treatment. I opened a Go Fund Me page, so if you can help, that would be great

The Confederate Flag

Here’s my take on the Confederate Flag issue. Southerners claim the flag is part of their heritage. They also claim the Civil War had NOTHING to do with slavery. They couldn’t be more wrong. The Civil War was about nothing if it wasn’t about slavery. States rights? Which rights? The right to own slaves. End of discussion.

The Confederate Flag stands for the largest mutiny in the history of mutinies. The flag is now as useless as Confederate money. It stands for something that no longer exists. It has no place in this country and should not be flown on state buildings (or anywhere else, for that matter).

Get over it. you lost.

Does Germany say the Nazi Flag is part of their heritage? It also stands for something that no longer exists, in official form. They don’t fly it on government buildings.

It’s time to move on and stop flying the flag of slavery.

Nothing new to report.

I get tired of saying that, but it’s true. The kidney search is still ongoing, as is the search for a place to work. I’ve nearly given up on both at times, sometimes the same time… It is very discouraging. Well, that’s it for June….

Paint and airbrush bulletin board.

A few years back, I started a bulletin board with several sections all pertaining to paint or airbrush work. There were metal work sections as well as mechanical and electronic sections, all relating to cars, trucks or bikes. I made it a no know it all type of place. Anyone could ask or answer a question. If incorrect answers were given, the person who answered incorrectly was not insulted or attacked, they were simply corrected. Many times, answers considered incorrect were simply a differing opinion of how things should be done. These turned out to be some very interesting discussions where all involved learned a thing or two along the way.

Unfortunately, it was unused, for the most part. The shame of it is, it cost money and time to keep this bulletin board up and running. I had to pull it down. I will miss it.

Missed a whole month

I’ve been busy…. Not doing anything of great importance, just busy… I’ve got lots of medical stuff to do and I don’t have the energy to get it all done. Every day has become a battle just to make it through the day. I hate feeling like this. I am not depressed, but I do have days….

I still have nothing to update on the business end of things. It seems the good old days of finding an empty warehouse and opening a shop are now gone here in NY. Between the sprinkler systems and everything else you need, it’s just not financially possible anymore.

I even tried to work out deals to work in existing shops. As is my luck, I found a guy willing to do it. Unfortunately, his building is being torn down to make room for condos. The building he is moving to seems to be too small for what we planned.

Miami is starting to look better and better.

Kidney needed

My name is Anthony Geremia, I was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2010 and have been on dialysis since then (I was actually told on Dec 23rd, 2008 that my kidneys were in trouble, but the final straw was a water pill I was put on that did them in).

I must point out that my kidney failure was a direct result of high blood pressure. I have been asked, more than once, if I was a heavy drinker. I was not, and kidney failure has NOTHING to do with alcohol. My kidney problem was inherited. My paternal grandmother died from kidney failure and everyone in my family has high blood pressure, making all of them poor donor candidates, as well as possible kidney failure patients.

I have been on the NY kidney list since 2010, but that list can take up to 12 years to produce a donor. I am searching for a live donor. The donor does not even need to match me, they just need to be a viable donor. That means someone who is relatively healthy (no high blood pressure, no diabetes, no illnesses that affect the kidneys). The facility can and will arrange what they call a donor swap. If I can produce a viable donor, even if there is no personal match, they will make the match with someone else.

Donating a kidney, while a big deal for me, is not that bad for the donor. Yes, there is an operation, and pain, but the donor actually heals quickly and can return to their normal life in about 2 weeks, sometimes less. The donor will have no loss of quality of life from their donation and they automatically go to the head of any list if they ever need a donated organ. They will also have my undying gratitude as well as the same from the rest of my family.

I am currently unable to work, although I managed to keep my business going until 2012. I am a musician and artist. I ran a fairly successful automotive customizing company until I was unable to work any longer. I would love to reopen, but I cannot at this time. Dialysis is taking a toll on my stamina, energy and ambition. I need to get back to being a productive member of society. Getting a kidney would help in that immeasurably.

I am currently receiving no help or assistance of any kind. I am not on Welfare, Food Stamps or any other state-run program. I am living off my bank account, which is dwindling quickly. Luckily, I have health insurance. Dialysis costs $74,000 per month. I’d be completely broke in 2 months without my insurance. Paying my rent, utilities and car insurance, not to mention food and any extras I may need, is emptying the bank quickly……